You can now sell your New Orleans house for cash in no time, and with multiple advantages and profit. However, you might need answers to questions such as who we are, how our process functions and whom do we serve. Here are detailed answers to some frequently asked questions about Centrix Property Group and selling property for cash. Call us at (504) 563-5726 or fill out a short contact form on our website if you have more questions.

Who usually approaches Centrix Property Group to sell their property?

We usually have clients who are motivated sellers, looking for potential buyers to buy their property as soon as possible. Some of the usual reasons why most sellers reach out to Centrix Property Group for quick solutions include client’s inability to afford some major and essential house repairs, difficulty in paying mortgage, trouble with property tax payments, and not wanting to care for or inability to afford inherited property. We have solutions for all of these problems!

How can Centrix Property Group help me with the threat of foreclosure?

If your lender is threatening foreclosure because of unaffordable property taxes or late mortgage payments, we can help you by making a quick cash offer for your house on the spot. This way you will be able to sell your house before the bank takes possession of it.

Why should I choose Centrix Property Group to help me sell my house?

It takes a great deal of work to sell a house, on top of this, a lot of time and expense is involved. At Centrix Property Group, we understand this predicament completely. As soon as we survey the property, we will make a cash offer for your house then and there with absolutely no pressure on you to accept the offer.

How is it more advantageous to sell my house to Centrix Property Group rather than selling through a traditional realtor?

At Centrix Property Group we don’t charge any extra closing costs and no contingencies are involved, whereas traditional realtors charge commission of about six percent of the selling price for listing the property in addition to the closing costs. Also, before putting your house up for sale in the market you need to make some major repairs to the property which often costs a lot of time and money, but with Centrix Property Group, we buy your house as it is. Moreover, selling your house through a realtor can take as long as sixty-five days but at Centrix Property Group we will make you a cash offer straightaway and for most clients we close a deal within thirty days.

Can Centrix Property Group help me sell an inherited property I can’t afford?

Absolutely! An inherited property brings unwanted tax even if you don’t live in that house or make an income from it. Centrix Property Group will help you sell the unwanted inherited house for cash in no time.

Do Centrix Property Group buy every property they are offered?

After the initial meeting and property survey of every house we make a cash offer. But our clients have the liberty to refuse our offer if it does not meet their requirements and targets. We only finalize a deal when Centrix Property Group and the owner of the property agree on terms.

Do I have to pay a commission or fees to Centrix Property Group?

A cash offer is made without any delay when you decide to sell your home to Centrix Property Group with no hidden charges, fees or commission. However, there might be other taxes or fees that the sellers are responsible for in some cases but none of that will go to Centrix Property Group.

What is the cash offer made by Centrix Property Group based upon?

Our cash offer is made after considering the future repair or renovation expenses to be incurred on our end, so that you don’t have to worry about the cost or time of that procedure. This means that the offer is based upon the condition of your property at the time of our meeting and house survey.

Is there any obligation to accept your offer on the seller’s part?

We will sign an agreement and schedule a closing date as soon as possible if you choose to accept our offer. After that you will receive a cash payment in full for your property; however, there will be no obligation to accept on your part. We totally understand if the offer is not the right one for you and there will be absolutely no pressure on you to accept. We can connect you with a licensed estate agent and answer any questions you may have about the process of property selling regardless of your decision about our offer.

How long will I have to move out if you buy my house? 

Usually the sellers are required to move out before the end of the closing date. However, if you need this date to be extended, you can contact us in advance so that we can make arrangements.

Can you connect me with a licensed realtor in New Orleans if I decide to take the traditional course?

We will readily answer any questions you may have about the process of home selling and will connect you with a certified realtor in the New Orleans area.

Can Centrix Property Group help me if I owe taxes on my home?

Yes! We prevent New Orleans homeowners from losing their homes to foreclosure because of overdue property taxes. We follow a simple four-step procedure through which you can easily sell your home and settle your unpaid tax issue. You can pay your mortgage debt and property tax with the cash payment you receive from Centrix Property Group before a bank or government intervenes.

Can I afford to buy another house in a few years if I sell my home to you now?

Yes, of course! Centrix Property Group will help you divest the burden of an unwanted home that doesn’t fit in your situation in no time. The prompt cash payment will help you get back on your feet and gain financial stability so that you can buy another house later. When that time comes, we can even connect you to a qualified realtor.

Will selling to Centrix Property Group affect my credit adversely?

Not at all. In fact, selling your property to Centrix Property Group will only help you overcome your financial troubles. You can easily resolve all issues of delayed mortgage payments, threat of foreclosure and unpaid taxes by using the cash payment you will receive from Centrix Property Group. Selling your property to us will help you settle all your debts instead of negatively affecting your credit.

Would you still want to buy my house if it’s on rent currently?

Yes, absolutely! All you need to do is inform us about the current rent amount per month, how many months are remaining on the rental agreement, and if the renter makes regular rental payments or not. We will gladly take over any tenants you possibly have once you provide this information.